CHARACTERISTICS: Premium cow grain leather palm, Cow split leather back, reinforced palm with cow split leather for better gripping , Keystone thumb, Sewn with Kevlar thread for added durability, Shirred elastic back ensures a snug fit, Out-seam index finger, self-hemmed border. Open cuff provides an easy slip-on and off.

  • Cow grain leather

  • Cow split back

  • Cow split reinforced palm

  • Kevlar stitched

  • Self Hemmed cuff

SIZE: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

MATERIAL: Leather glove, Cow Grain leather, split leather.

AVAILABLE LEATHER: Goatskin, Sheepskin and Cowhide.

APPLICATIONS: Assembly work, General purpose, Automotive, Construction, Road work and cabling.

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